About Me

My name is Bryan Paige. I have been a competitive athlete, I am a divorcee, and I have faced a multitude of career challenges, all of which shaped my calling to serve others by coaching them through some of life’s greatest challenges. As a trained Ontological Coach and with over two decades of experience in the social service field I thrive at helping others transform challenges into opportunities. More than just giving advice or telling you what to do, my coaching process helps to provoke thought, in turn, helping you embrace life-defining moments, even when it seems insurmountable. When it feels like you simply want to run away, I will be there, helping you move forward and break through life’s greatest challenges. Above all, I am here for you when it feels like there is no one else.

What will coaching be like?

Doing something new can be frightening, but you shouldn’t be afraid of this transformational process. I promise to always be authentic with you and to share in your vulnerability. Here is what to expect from the first stages of coaching:

[service icon=”fa fa-volume-control-phone ” title=”Initial Call:” extra_class_name=””]Every relationship has the first call, our partnership is no different. During this call, we will maximize our time together to see what sort of impact I can have as a coach in your life. Most importantly, this is the time to see if I am the right coach for you. So, breath easy and make the call. We will move at your pace. You will be amazed at what we can accomplish together. [/service] [service icon=”fa fa-calendar-check-o” title=”Scheduling Our Routine: ” extra_class_name=””]You are going through some major challenges. We will work together to set up a meeting regiment that works with your schedule. Just like any other coach, I will support you to keep to the routine—providing accountability so that we can get the outcomes you need.[/service] [service icon=”fa fa-trophy” title=”Reaching Your Full Potential: ” extra_class_name=””]Our coaching sessions are driven by you. As your coach, I am here to support you, and teach you the skills necessary to become a “More Empowered You”. We will utilize customized tools, actionable practices, and other relevant resources to achieve the intended results. The goal is not just to coach you to the finish line, the goal is to mold you into a champion amid all of life’s circumstances. [/service]

You can’t determine the direction of the winds, but you can control your sails. Let’s find “Your Best Life.”