Reclaim Your Worth In the Face of Uncertainty

Reclaim Your Worth in the Face of Uncertainty

Whether your marriage or seemingly committed relationship is on the verge of collapse one thing is for certain — questioning the significance of your worth and identity is sure to become compounded by the inevitable uncertainties that lie ahead.  Signing the divorce papers or receiving an ultimatum is just the beginning of an emotionally charged process. Now that you have finalized the legalities it is time to get started on rebuilding so that the journey ahead of you will not be burdened by the weight of the past. Reclaiming full potential in the relationships with yourself, your children, your finances, your spiritual life, your emotional and physical health is hard to do alone. You owe it to yourself to find the support and insight that will equip you to find “Your Best Life.”

Working with a coach when going through a numbing  relationship transition becomes such a transformational partnership. Friends will tell you what they think you want to hear. But let’s be honest without the training, education, or perspective their words often feel flippant and out of touch. As your coach, I am able to tell you what you need to hear while you are making important and critical decisions. By coaching you to tap into your beliefs, purpose, and vision to guide your actions and illuminate your decisions so you can be who you need to be for yourself and others as you begin your new chapter. By asking thought-provoking questions we will arrive together at honest answers and perspectives, you will be able to be authentically yourself with a clearer understanding of who you want to be. You will learn the skills to execute your purpose and vision in your daily life, staying true to your values, purpose, and core beliefs.

How can Can Velocity Coaching Help You?

As you begin your new normal, I will help you reframe your relationship story in a way that allows you to include your past but looks to the future you are creating by owning the present. Whether it is the challenge of life’s new normal or emotional scars from this sobering reality—your life has been impacted. I will help you transcend those challenges and embrace this moment to build the life you want to be living NOW.

We Hit the Reset Button
You never thought your relationship would end up like this, or maybe you just feel lost in what to do with the new hand you’ve been dealt. I will help you press the reset button and go from living a life halted by the unexpected, thus, intentionally moving you into a life driven by purpose.
We Do a Complete Heart Check
Your heart has been through a traumatic event. Using our time together we create a sanctuary for you to share your heart. We evaluate where it is your heart needs to heal, grow, and find its rhythm to return to its pre-trauma condition.
Living Your Best Life Now
After our time of integrating the good gifts of your past with the potential for your present, we will focus on moving you towards the future you want to be living. Our goal is to get you not just back to where you were before the heartbreak but to get you to “Your Best Life” NOW!

You can’t control the direction of the wind, but you can control where you point your sails. Let’s find “Your Best Life” together!