Don’t Let Your Fear of Failure Determine the Next Big Decision

Don’t Let Your Fear of Failure Determine the Next Big Decision

Our lives are made up of millions of small decisions. But what happens when you need to make the big decisions? What happens when the choice you make has ripple effects in all aspects of your life? When big decisions have a big impact on your life it is helpful to have a coach before you call the biggest play of your life.

You could simply make a list of pros and cons, but that has its own limits. When making a big decision you need to be able to make it without any limitations holding you back. You need to get past the tunnel vision to see the whole horizon. You need someone to help illuminate all of the possibilities of your choices.

How can Can Velocity Coaching Help You?

Velocity Coaching helps you clarify your vision by crystallizing your commitments so you can begin to take inspired action towards your personal and professional goals. From my years of experience and time tested methods, you will find the right combination of drive and purpose to achieve the life you have always wanted. I understand that you are a high-performing professional that is looking for the extra edge to get ahead of the pack and realize the success you have worked so hard to achieve.  So whether you feel stuck and are looking for that push beyond your comfort zone or you just need someone to keep you accountable to your goals my proven system will make sure you are living “Your Best Life” NOW!

We Pinpoint The Impact of Your Big Decision
Your big decision has many choices that come with rewards and consequences. I will help you sort through all of the impacts of your decision so that you enter into it with a clear perspective. You can’t win the game of life if you don’t know how it is scored.
We Explore All of the Options
Life is full of options and when you stand at the crossroads of a big decision you need to have all of your options in front of you. We will walk through those options together. When the time comes to make your big decision you will know what you want and the path you are taking to get there.
Making Your Move
Once we have gone through all of the options and looked at all eventualities it is time to make your move! Just because it is the big moment don’t think you are in it alone. I will be there with you to support you as you settle into your big decision moment. I will be there for you not just as a motivator but as the one person you trust to ask the questions you need to hear and be with you as you make your move toward living “Your Best Life” NOW!

You can’t control the direction of the wind, but you can control where you point your sails. Let’s find “Your Best Life” together!